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zaidane Oktober 7, 2011

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Ra- sometime to be a good teacher is very hard. but if you just thinking without doing, it can be extremally hard. why I just say that for the example from my story. Im 21 years old right now, Im a university student,  my IPK 3,5, my study is so so but in my years I have earned money (alhamdulillah). I just try do the best and  positive thinking . to day I have teached my private student in home. Usually i just have student in my BIMBEl ( in a class) but today I get one student that make me go to his home.. what a nice day is?? wkkk,,

my first private student is Muhammad Zaidan, he is 8 years old, he is nice, handsome, smart. He has lovely mother and funy lil brother but his lil brother litle  bit nosy. I just start his study at 04.30 pm actually it must start at 04.00 pm. it is because he still sleeping when I came. his mother wake up him and we can start our lesson.

start with Social then Science, and teh last is playing a game.

it must be great lesson right!!!



One Response to “zaidane”

  1. nofa Says:

    ngegame sama murid? wkwkwk

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