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Bye May Juni 1, 2012

Filed under: kuliah,pengalaman,perenungan — rarasarumwidasworo @ 1:21 pm

Ra-Bye May welcome June ^^. I’d like to call this Mei 2012 with presentasion month . How I wonder do that? That because I am doing some presentation in this month (by my self >>just me<<.. not with my ordinary group) … haha 😀 .. how under pressure I am? But it’s not really bad for me. Actually I ‘m feeling so excited. Got my bachelor degree of education, gave some presentation in front of some people who are mastering in english too and I think all of them got successful (thanks for your pray).. You must give congratz for me,,, hehe,, bang Alit sorry for prefacing you… hope you follow me quickly.

And finally I’m finishing my school bye papper,, bye task,, bye test bye migrain and welcome real life… hemm I don’t know how much money that I spent to this kind of bussiness called “Education”. Is that really give me some result? Is that making me  to be the better people or making me useful for other people?

Ok that really the big question for me now. But I have confident enough to answer it!! I’m really deserve to get anything. Cause I’ll give the best from me. I’ll get a lot of easily cause my sacrifice before.

Are you thinking the same with me? Fighting!! For your life cause life need fighting 😛 RITE!!!!


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>is my recordmaking day<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


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